Go Ahead, Make my Day!

Politics, Community & Society | April 6, 2009

What is it that has one person trudging through his or her day, and another bounding along optimistically? Attitude! Attitude is everything. I cannot express it more firmly as it can bring a smile to our lips, or have us drop our lip. More on that a bit later.

Life is for living and the best way to achieve that is to live one day at a time; in fact it is the only way. Provided we can get it into our thick skulls that the simplest way to get through the week is to live in the day- live in the Now! It is simply a matter of realising that Yesterday is history, To-morrow is a mystery. To-morrow never comes as they say. And we certainly cannot do anything about the past. The shot arrow, the sent email, the hastily spoken word cannot be taken back.

What a huge burden can be taken from your shoulders by removing the weight of thinking too much about what happened yesterday, and worrying about what might be around the corner. Life can be bliss or black depending on how you look at it. And that is where Attitude comes in. It can determine how we start our day, how we get out of bed, how we approach our studies, our job, our family, the person in the street. The right attitude makes a world of difference.

Get your attitude right and you can face the world triumphantly and expectantly and create joy amongst all you come into contact with. And no need to rely on your own resources, have an undying faith and belief in yourself, but also not be too afraid to pray. It is amazing what a small prayer can bring about, it can lighten the load, show us the way. There is a guardian angel for each of us- why not use them? What do you have to lose? Just as a footballer hands over his problems to a manager, we can do the same by handing over ours to a Higher Power or God as you do or do not understand him. It is our choice but has been proven to work so well for people, that when they click onto that Spiritual lifeline nothing is beyond them.

If we fail to plan our day then we plan to fail; an apple a day keeps the doctor away they say- so easy to do- so easy NOT to do. You may not like your job but if you tackle it with enthusiasm, then it becomes a whole lot more interesting. Boredom, the best way to overcome it, and let's face it, none of us are immune, is to find a hobby, something you can be passionate about, really fired up about, and you forget about yourself, worries and troubles diminish.

Volunteering, whether it be your time, your services, your friendship is a fantastic way to get the best out of life in whatever endeavour you care to pursue. Helping others gives you a purpose, puts a light in your life and can be ever so rewarding. And if all this brings a smile to your face, be sure to pass it on to the person coming towards you- it will really make your day!

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