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The War We Won

Life & Death - Although the allied forces were victorious in WWI, the total # of casualties (civilian and military) was over 37 million, ranking it among the most deadliest conflicts in human history.

Eyes of A Sinner

Poetry - Rain, rain please come again Flow over this face of a sinner...

Healing My Wounds

Poetry - This is for a friend... A time to heal his wounds of the past.


Poetry - Spirits are the different emotions of a person.

Girl On Fire

Blogging - A writer's scattered thoughts...

The Gleaning

Poetry - My preseption of this world on which we live

The Wheel

Poetry - Words that came to mind as I was staring out the window

Chapter 1 - A picture of Caleb

Life & Death - How did I get myself into this situation? "My little kicker." I cried, holding the squirming mess on my chest, the feeble cries made my heart ache but I couldn't bare to stop them. They told me that my baby was alive and well that I would get to keep

Precious Nothing

Love & Romance - The most precious moments in your life, are the ones spent with your love


Writing - legend of the Goddess Kalika

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Feature Breakdown

Published: May 8, 2010

With the site being live to the public for over 2 years now, it seems like a golden opportunity to recap some of the milestone we've passed.
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