About Us

About the Writing Community

We are a writing community plain and simple. Our writers range from professional journalists through to want to be novelists. The site itself has been designed to handle writers in all forms, writing in different formats, writing about anything and everything.

Our Philosophy

Our ideas behind the writing community can be summed up in 3 simple points:

  • it should be fun,
  • it should be rewarding,
  • and it should be supportive

Who We Are

We are but poor lost circus performers... well, not really. We are Zerospin Media, a small but passionate team with a background in internet media and online communities. The Flickspin Web Writing Community is our flagship product (and the only product released to date).

If you are looking to contact us, here is your best bet:

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Questions and comment are very much welcome. We are always interested to find out what people think about the site.

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