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How to Travel Europe

Planes, trains and automobiles: How to get around Europe on a budget.... Traveling Europe is a favourite pastime for young backpackers the world over. The glorious sites str...

European Travel

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Camping in Europe

How to organise your camping trip around Europe - it's the only way to travel!... There are many ways to travel Europe, from bus to train to plane, but one...

North American Travel

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Running Lines Around My Head

Snipits from my first EVER travel journal, from 2009, and including short poetic musings from the de... With an honesty so sweet that tarnishes my teeth, your truth's ring out and set themselves like gela...

Travel Australia

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Warm Impermanence

Might be travel, but I'm going list this as life and death...... The leaves are turning, falling, rustling underfoot with a most pleasant crunch as they find their w...

Red Wine, Dig that Girl!

Portland, forever fun, forever weird. Love it!... That line was from a song I remember growing up. “Growing up” means it was probably late...

Exploring Graz, Austria

Graz - a lesser-known city in Austria that is well worth a visit.... Graz is a little-known town in the south-east of Austria. While it is infact the second-largest city...

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