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Hip Hop: My Definition of the genre

What is the definition of Hip Hop, of rap, or even of music? Is the definition of music something th... Hip Hop, to me, must be poetic in the sense that the words roll off the singer's tongue; this effec...

Michael Franti Saves the Day Again

How to cure the blues in a cold Vancouver day.... Today stared badly. I got up at 6.35am and everything seemed okay, I put on the kettle, had a shower...

With Guitars and Harmonicas, You Share a Secret with Me - Angus and Julia Stone

Review of Angus and Julia Stone playing live at Richards on Richards on March 12, 2009... Angus and Julia Stone @ Richards on Richards, March 12, 2009 On stage at Richards on Richards in Van...

Who Am I?

I fly away and become part of who I was. I am glowing, I am life. I am...what am I?... Everything was glowing. Everything was pulsing with the music and my mind was pounding to the beat. ...

What you need to know

When someone says, "You need to know this!", proceed with caution.... I hear the phrase “you need to know this” quite often, usually referring to works or com...

They Started Something

The Ting Tings play a sold out show at the Commodore Ballroom.... On Saturday, April 11, 2009 UK band The Ting Tings preformed for a very receptive crowd at the Commo...

The Grates Just Want to Have Fun

Review of Australian Band The Grates... “We just want to have fun and we hope other people do too”, Patience Hodgson lead singer...

Drumming with a Djembe

A quick look at djembe drumming.... The djembe originated in West Africa and is a wooden drum with an untreated skin hide for beating ou...

Yeah! It's Blitz!

On their third studio album, It's Blitz!, Yeah Yeah Yeahs combination of indie-rock freshness with o... Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a New York City based band released their third studio album, It’s Blitz!, in...

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