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Aphrodite's Cafe is 4th Ave's Hidden Gem

Aphrodite's Cafe is an awesome restaurant with two dining rooms, located on 4th Ave, in Kitsilano, V... Aphrodite’s Cafe is a little gem just waiting to be discovered at the intersection of Dunbar a...

Foremost Scholar

The wine was from Sonoma county.... I had a chance to watch San Diego State play Utah in a game of football tonight. A bartender had tw...

low frequency broadcast

A female sci-fi-shaman fiction piece. Hmmmm. unfamiliar turf with fiction writing. Not sure where it... I am not her. I am not destined to make the same mistakes. There is no seal on my fate that can't be...

Okanagan Weekend

The Okanagan Valley has a plentiful supply of gorgeous wines to taste.... Wine... yes, it's a relationship that spans many years, a love hate relationship (i.e. I love it mor...

Judge me, judge me not

"There is no gay in Korea," he said. Say what?... For a brief time, I dated a very handsome, very charming Korean man. During our six-week courtship, ...

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