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How to Travel Europe

Planes, trains and automobiles: How to get around Europe on a budget.... Traveling Europe is a favourite pastime for young backpackers the world over. The glorious sites str...

No. 3 Bus

Personification of an articulated bus... Long linking snake clicks. Scrunched coil twists around a corner, vanishes within a whir of machiner...

Gregory's Complaint

Honesty is certainly a policy, but perhaps not always the best one.... "You are a 100% honest man" "You just tell people the truth, nice!" "Women don't want to hear the tr...

Day 62 - Back in Canada: Toronto & Monteal

The last two stops on the North American leg of our 8-month adventure are back in Canada, our home f... It was actually a profound relief, in some ways, to get back to Canada. It just feels like home, eve...

Emails with Amy

By 2pm yesterday, I had still not received an email from Amy R. Hopes were fading that contact would... By 10am yesterday, I had not received an email from Amy R. I waited. By midday, still no email. I gr...

A Tale of Two

Writing about writing.... I try to write one or two blogs every month and this one I will get in under the wire but I will get...

Hostels in Vancouver - Which One to Choose?

Hostels in Vancouver - where is the best place to spend your time on British Columbia's west coast?... When it comes to hostels, Vancouver (like most major cities) has a few to choose from. However, deci...

Watch for the Drive-bys

The first step to a better mood is you, after that it's being open to what presents itself.... Finding a better mood, more lightness and laughter does not have to be difficult. Suffering is an op...

Center Spot

Nature, nurture and what we keep...... I grew up in a house where my parents came at life from two very different directions; there were tw...

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