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An Italian Experience

Travel | June 2, 2012

It seemed easy enough at first, catch the train at Nice and enjoy the scenery to Vernazza.However not having any experience of Italy's train service the jourmey took longer than anticipated and we arrived at our destination late at night.Then began the search for our accomodation and as it was raining with not much in the way of strret lights we began to feel un-easy.Finally out of desperation we tentatively approached the only opened shop and with gestuures and some basic Italian explained our predicament.Despite the puzzled expression the lady appeared to understand us enough to ring the owner of the unit where we were staying and after a few minutes he guided us through the narrow laneways to our unit.

The next morning we awoke to a clear day and when we stepped out to explore the tiown we realised why we were short of breath after carrying our luggage to the unit the night before. Vernazza can be described in one word "steps".Getting from our small holiday unit to the town below involved steps ,then more steps with a brief respite in Vernazza's main street.Then the return walk loaded with shopping or after lunch and a few drinks at the local bar was an effort that required rest stops.

Once we became used the the steep paths and steps we enjoyed a wonderful week in the Cinque Terre region exploring all the villages.The walks along the cliff tops amongst the olive groves have some of the best ocean scenery in Europe.The towns perched on the cliffs are great to explore and we wondered how they were built in such a precarious position.

Finally it was time to leave and once agian we experienced Italian trains.This time we seemed to change trains at every stop with no explanation.As we had difficulty understang the limited public announcements we just followed the other passengers.Eventually we took the advice of some fellow passengers and stayed on board when everyone else left onlt to find ourseves locked in.A fellow traveller climbed outh the window,found an official who unlocked the carriage and let us out.

We were relievd when we reached the French border and transferred to their comfortable and relaible trains.

Rob Walker

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