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No, drinking is not a problem for me

Politics, Community & Society | June 26, 2009

I do come from a family where drinking was a problem for some. I understand that for many people it is a problem, maybe 10% of the drinking public. But then there is the other 90% for whom drinking isn't a problem. We are sadly underrepresented in the print media. I see loads of articles on permanantly and temporarily reformed drinkers. But very little on the well adjusted sots who don't have a problem.

But I want to assure you we are out there. There is no support group for us. We toddle off to the local pub, quaff a pint and head home thinking something like "that was a very smooth oatmeal stout, lucky for me the pub had a strawberry shortbread to pair with it." And that is the end of it.

Sure, I've gone to an AA meeting. I went as a tourist. It was more frightening than skydiving. In skydiving, for the most part, you are around people who are a little whacky but doing all they can to live another day to jump out of another plane. At AA meetings you see a room full of people hanging on by a thread knowing that if left to their own best judgement they will drink themselves to death and possibly take a few people with them if they have access to car keys.

I don't get it. I somewhat get drinking to excess. I've done it once or twice and its always the same old story, good times and good beverages and me losing track of the titratration. It happens every 5 or 10 years and I regret it. But what I really don't get is the number of drunk drivers who kill people; bikers pedestrians, other drivers. I've never been able to get drunk enough that I could both start a car and then not be able to keep it on the road.

So thats the end of my line here. I did have a friend in college who insisted that the best fun he ever had was driving drunk. So maybe if that guy is still alive, he could do what I'm thinking here. I'd really like to see a piece on how you get so drunk you can't keep a car on the road...and how you survived that without killing anyone. Or if you did kill someone, how you live with yourself.

Any Comments?

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