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Mail and the Hot Tub

Blogging | February 15, 2012

"I'm looking forward to the day when my biggest problems are sorting through the mail and finding time to hit the hot tub!"

Sure, you may think that...but really? Is that the life you want?

Granted it is the life I have at the moment. I've been sorting through mail for about 4 days now. I'm making progress, but just when you are almost there, they drop off more mail.

Then there is the hot tub thing. Between, work, and sleep and working out, there is so little time that I have to multitask drinking wine and hot tubbing to fit everything in the little time I have at home. Basically that time is about 5 days in a week period. That has a lot to do with this whole work thing I mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

I mean sure there was Colorado and the chance to ski while I was there. And I have the week of actual vacation in the Napa Valley. Then there is teaching in LA, with the beach 10 minutes from class. But after that, its Hawaii and the killer commute that can be 1-2 minutes from my hotel to the beach.

So you can probably get a feel for the problem I'm having getting to the mail. its in my backpack now. I've made some progress. Paid my car insurance. Returned a netflix movie. Dumped a lot of stuff unopened. Those letters that are clearly marked "Postmaster do NOT deliver this to anyone other than...". I do appreciate the marketers out there who save me the time of having to open up those "refinance your house" mails by marking the letters such that anyone with a pulse knows it is recycling material.

That does give me a little more time for the hot tub. But even there, there are problems. Keeping up with the chemicals is even more challenging when I'm on the road for weeks at a time. I occasionally return to a frightening science project. That in fact was the case after my last trip. But I came back and got things under control and cleaned up.

(ok it was only half cleaned up as I only lift half the cover most days. except after a big rain I remove the whole cover. Which then reveals the rest of the science project that I missed when I only cleaned out half the tub. Granted, that is a startling sight. So startling in fact that I spilled about two sips of wine when I uncovered that primordial prize.)

Add to that the stress of sitting in your hot tub fretting over the mail in your backpack. Can you really relax under those circumstances? I know I can't.

And then there are the taxes looming. Sure i have a CPA, but there is all the mail that I have to reroute from myself to the CPA so he can plug all the data into his PC and spit out a tax return that will square the deal with the IRS for yet another year.

That call is set for 9 AM eastern time as that is when I could get on my CPA's calendar. That was before I knew I'd be in Hawaii at the time. So it will be a 3 AM tax call for me. Which would be a problem for most people, except I'm usually up at that time anyway. And I don't surf at that hour. And I'll get to announce to my snowbound East Coast CPA that I'm taking the call 33 stories above Waikiki.

And in truth, this is only the tip of the iceberg. My brother, who issued the quote at the start of this piece, doesn't see all the other problems that didn't bubble up to the top of the list with the mail and the hot tub.

There is this constant requirement to eat. Now when I'm back for only a few days, it is silly to shop, because the food will go bad. So I have to eat out. NOw there are about 30 very good places to eat near my house. But I have to pick one. And since I'm not a delivery kind of guy, I have to walk to one the places. Then I have to order something. Wait for it to be cooked. Then eat it. The time demands are crippling. And yet somehow, I endure.

And in fact, so do you. And everyone else does too. It doesn't really matter what the exact problem is, does it?

My brother has some big work issue going on, something that will turn his job on it's head for the next year. It will most likely make the national news and for 24 hours people will be vaguely aware of it. But then they will get more mail, hit their hot tub, sip some wine and remember that oh yeah, they really should have put the trash out by the curb before jumping in the tub. But they can do it later. Or not at all. Because in the end, none of these problems is really going to stop the world from spinning.

At least not anytime soon.

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