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DOS: Balder, FreeDOS and Smart Bootmanager

Information Technology - Different floppy disk operating systems and utilies such as FreeDOS, Balder and Smart Bootmanager.

Floppy Image Software

Information Technology - How to create a floppy image from a diskette or how to load a floppy image onto a diskette with freeware software. The software "Free Image" allows you to do this with .imz and .img files.

Disabling Basic Laptop Integrated Devices

Hardware: Laptops - How to disable a mousepad through the CMOS (BIOS) settings on laptops.

AI Forums - A Growing List

Artificial Intelligence - There are a number Artificial Intelligence forums out there. All have the goal of getting the community to interact and help one another along the way.

Solving TortoiseSVN, SVN+SSH, Putty and Plink Chaos

Software Development - Trouble shooting guide for setting up TortoiseSVN with the SVN+SSH scheme. Understanding Plink can help the diagnosis.

Old Versions of MooTools

Software Development - Finding old versions of Mootools. Version 1.11 seemed to disappear off the planet!

Removing Apps from iPhone or iPod Touch

Information Technology - How to remove applications from the iPhone and iPod Touch.

10 Places to Chow Down in Kitsilano, Vancouver

Lifestyle & Culture - Where to fend of those hunger pangs or coffee cravings in Kitsilano, Vancouver

10 Things to do in Vancouver on a Rainy Weekend

Lifestyle & Culture - What to do when the weather has turned grey and rainy.

FireFox 3 Caching Issues

Software Development - FireFox 3 has a mysterous caching issue that ignores all http headers