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Business - how to make getting stuff from here to there harder than it needs to be

Karma Savings Plan

Lifestyle & Culture - Karma does credit your account now and then.

Useless labor

Blogging - A small blow in the ongoing struggle to avoid institutional stupid.

Public House

Business - A few words on the decline and fall of local food purveyors.

Two Dead in O-HI-O

Business - A few words on crime and punishment.

God is...

Wineries - California wines,early 2012

Mail and the Hot Tub

Blogging - A few words about a the top two problems I encountered in my brief stay at home.

Both Sides of the Issue

Politics, Community & Society - A few graphs about power, technology and autonomy.

Not Super Tuesday

Blogging - Another Tuesday in a life that is 1/7 Tuesdays.

Thoughtful Procrastination

Blogging - Putting things off with a purpose.