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Momus Updatus

Blogging - Onging progress with the angels.


Blogging - Haven't written about angels in a while. They need the press.

Valor game levels

Video Games - last article on valor. yay!

In the Presence of

Blogging - Every now and then, I drop out of my game worlds, dream worlds and math worlds to look around this world.

You were brilliant

Blogging - I will always remember you, I will always miss you, and I fear I may always crave kimchi.

They could have been contenders

Blogging - The blog posts that (almost) never were.

Three worlds and a cuppa

Blogging - A South Korean, a North Korean, and an American walk into a cafeteria...

Valor Combat Units Guide

Video Games - quick guide on combat units in valor

Life after North Korea: Seong-hee's story

Blogging - Ever since I met Seong-hee, I hoped that one day she would trust me enough to talk about her family, her life, and her escape from North Korea. That day was today. This is her story.

Valor City Capture Guide

Video Games - beginner guide for the game valor