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The Starting Line

Sport - All races have starting lines, if you can figure out where they are.

NBA Finals

Sport - The NBA finals are a fair distraction on a day when the surf is flat...

Applied Intelligence

Politics, Community & Society - On the other hand, there is genius here also.

Applied Stupidity

Politics, Community & Society - You can't make the stupid smarter, but perhaps you can minimize the damage.

The lesser of two evils

Philosophy - Sometimes none of our options feel right.

Truth in Fiction

Writing - Tools in writing and life.


Health & Wellbeing - There is always another chance to do better, do differnt or do-over.

Watch for the Drive-bys

Health & Wellbeing - The first step to a better mood is you, after that it's being open to what presents itself.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sport - It started off being a good day to surf...

Perris in the Springtime...

Sport - When the skies start raining people, you can bet the problem is on the ground.

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