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The Wine Business

Business - Desperation is not a good look on a wine diva...

Power in Victim-hood

Politics, Community & Society - The real power in victim-hood is to walk away from the victim.

The Pale King

Life & Death - A few thoughts on how math and fiction relate.

Suicidal Genius

Politics, Community & Society - A few words on the economics of class warfare.

Triathlon's Silent Killer

Sport - Triathletes are turning up dead in what appears to be a preventable situation.

Creating Change

Health & Wellbeing - Small steps to create change in the New Year

Turkey Trot

Health & Wellbeing - Moving forward is fine, running willy-nilly is a whole other animal.

Permanent Damage

Politics, Community & Society - A few thoughts about what can and can't be repaired.

El Ray0

Sport - The blank from the Shape Shifter story is now sea worthy.


Health & Wellbeing - Exposure, experience and what we take away.