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Tears for Mom

Short Stories - Tears for Mom plot: Theodorus Peso, a Spanish baseball player, opens up to his mother, a retired circus performer, who is in a coma.

You were brilliant

Blogging - I will always remember you, I will always miss you, and I fear I may always crave kimchi.

They could have been contenders

Blogging - The blog posts that (almost) never were.

Three worlds and a cuppa

Blogging - A South Korean, a North Korean, and an American walk into a cafeteria...

Valor Combat Units Guide

Video Games - quick guide on combat units in valor

Life after North Korea: Seong-hee's story

Blogging - Ever since I met Seong-hee, I hoped that one day she would trust me enough to talk about her family, her life, and her escape from North Korea. That day was today. This is her story.

Valor City Capture Guide

Video Games - beginner guide for the game valor

Did you eat?

Blogging - If I am hungry, I'll eat, I thought at the time. I realise now, a couple of years later, that it is a little more complicated than that.

A Walk on the Beach

Lifestyle & Culture - To go for a walk on the beach is one of life's greatest pleasures.The ocean constantly changes and thunderous surf one day can quickly become a small ripple the next.

Fwd: What I Want

Blog Via Email - I want peace in my heart. Being able to let it beat for as long as i live without having to feel the pain of the past or the fear of the near or distant future.

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