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Short Stories - A short story about an Oracle, a fictional creature who can see the future.

An itemised list

Blogging - "Blythe. More blog. More blog, Blythe". (Turnbull, G.R. 2010). OK, Gemma. Here it is. Here's the blog you asked for. Now available in an itemised list for easier consumption.

First Garden

Gardening - This is a personal account of my first gardening experience in Minnesota.

night swim

Blog Via Email - the house is dark brown, it's evening, the sun is giving off its last efforts before the earth rotates again, leaving it behind.

Dear Korea - I am tired of the charades.

Blogging - Turns out the silent language of love is no longer enough.

daylight savings

Poetry - the last hours of our darkness

Nurse Ratched

Short Stories - Anna meets Jack during their first chemotherapy


Short Stories - Third chapter of chemotherapy journey, from a positive viewpoint.

Swap Deal

Short Stories - A simple exchange goes horribly wrong...

Center Spot

Philosophy - Nature, nurture and what we keep...