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The cool girl

Blogging - What if she tried to talk to me? What if she asked me to have coffee? What if she wanted to eat together? What if she thought we could be friends? It was all too awkward to even consider.

A Tourist in My Own City

Lifestyle & Culture - As promised, I am tackling Brisbane with vigour and enthusiasm.


Sport - A previously undiscovered talent emerges

Boot Straps

Blogging - There are times when we have to inch back into our lives, times when shock so suspends us that we only breath. This is a practice to get my voice back and say a few shaky lines because I have to start somewhere.

Club Change

Blogging - A dangerous night out with friends...

Judge me, judge me not

Blogging - "There is no gay in Korea," he said. Say what?

What a city, what a lady

Lifestyle & Culture - Moving to a new place is hard, probably harder when you've lived there before in a completely different era of your life.

The Phone Call

Short Stories - When a phone call in the middle of the night can save your life.

Dictionary... Chapter 3

Horror - Words can hurt. Literally. and no kid seems to do justice to this phrase better than the "Sage".

The Love of Grace

Writing - When Elizabeths husband dies after an extended illness, she feels as if she's breaking in to pieces. The only one who can save her is Grace

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