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As I Live and Breathe

Blogging - A home repair story for those totally unskilled in home repair.

Death Rides with Us: The Road to Ilfracome

Blogging - Learning to drive in the Australian Outback in a 4x4 at the age of 26 with your fiancee as your driving instructor is sometimes fraught with peril.

Little lives lost

Poetry - I am deeply saddened by what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I pray that grieving hearts would be healed.

The Darkest Night

Horror - Thomas a young man searches to find his wife when finally he finds her but when he runs in to a terrorist will he survive.

The Criminal Mind

Horror - Dan tries to get away with the robbing of a huge bank and blames on a inocent bystander who will be arrested who will get the charges read it to find out.

A life Changing

Poetry - All I could do is say sorry

Sociopathic Conscience

Horror - One night as seen through the eyes of a madman on a rampage.