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Vintage Thinking...November 13th, 2009

Love & Romance | November 17, 2009

More often than not I think about people, past and present, in the strangest ways and at the weirdest times. I wonder if they too are thinking of me, possibly in the same way and equally as often. That being said, here is a short one I wrote about a week ago about a good friend from back home who has become quite the linch pin in my life abroad...

I think of him often, particularly when I´m looking into the window´s of stores passed on the street, in the faces of men I find attractive and at night, in the moments when sleep closes in around me.

I wish there were a way to teleport you here, for you to see for yourself all that I am seeing. The distance between us, in my mind, closes as each day passes. The girl I used to be thought only of him, a world vacant of you and your witty insights, yet she seems to have belonged to another era, a time passed for good. I search for the right way to feel and discover that no such path exists but the path I forge for myself.

Our connection sparked an intensity in me, an unabounded enthusiasm that has lain dormant for far too long. I speak to you openly, playfully, truthfully, only getting interest and intrigue in return. I am working on myself so I can give you what you need. I can only be that person for you if I push these negative thoughts out of my mind - I am worth the airtime and you prove this to me through each word, carefully selected, that you send my way.

I send him secret notes, whispered onto the wind, hoping they find his ears and his alone. Over distances that the mind can´t imagine and hands can´t hold, I feel his palm at my back and gaze locked onto mine, ushering me through crowds and ensuring my safe arrival always.

He will know of these thoughts as he thinks them too. There is a delicate beauty in an unspoken pact - I will follow his voice into the deepest woods and take him with me always.

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