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College / University | December 22, 2009

Empty bottles and old takeaway containers are what persist in my memory from my days as a student. Endless essays, frequent campus parties, living with people I have never met before and having to work strange hours to support myself and my need for coffee - a time equally for learning and forgetting, entrenched in heavy books and mindless chatter. Comfortable pants and colourful hoodies were a staple, my art studio a second home, its only lacking feature was a comfortable place to rest my head. Four years, thousands of discussion, one broken laptop and a brain full of information - with a student debt to rival the current recession of America. Best days of my life.

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Writing is like a good cup of coffee for me - it smells amazing, perks me up and opens my mind to other possibilities. What you get when you mix one coffee loving Australian with the world of travel is most definately an explosion of ideas, stories and honest reflections.
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