The Spin Cycle follows Journal Space

Information Technology | February 27, 2009

I've known about the issues with Ma.gnolia's epic fail for a while now but it so fascinating to see 2 big sites crumble (Journal Space being the first) in as many months. I could only imagine how heart wrenching it would be for the people working behind the sites. In many ways it demonstrates extremely well the dangers for users in relying on the cloud.

A lot of data may have been lost but sometimes it's nice to have a tidy of house and start again fresh and clean. The cloud may be dangerous in regard to data loss but I think we are becoming way to dependent on the massive amounts of data we are trying to hoard. We only do it because we can - not necessarily because we actually need to.

Any Comments?

Development Move from XP to Leopard

Published: June 29, 2009

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