The Spin Cycle

And we are Live!

Software Development | March 24, 2008

Flickspin servers has just been launched. Celebrations may now commence. Yay!

This is a huge milestone and marks the most important step in the entire project - getting it off the ground. This project has been in the works for about 5 months in a very loose format. Interestingly it has required me to break one of my main coding tenents; incremental releases with release dates at most one month apart. To go longer than a month allows you to start building buggy code on top of other buggy code and not being able to catch bugs at early stages. Of course there are QA methods such as load testing, unit testing and using products like Selenium that can help you identify bugs and weaknesses but there is nothing like a live environment to let you know what is not well in your code base. Hopefully my QA has been good enough to make this a smooth implementation.

This release is regarded as a soft release, meaning that the site is live to the public but not many people has been notified that this has happened. The plan is to actually keep it that way until future releases.

In the time between now and the next release there will be a number of styles to adjust, bugs to fix, features to tweak and new bits and pieces to add now that the site is in a live environment. The next release will be regarded as a beta release which is schedule for mid April 2008. The beta release will feature hand picked people to help kick-start the writer network and help iron out any usability issues and/or any bugs that were missed in the first release.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. This is definitely a moment to savour. Perhaps it is also a time for hope - hope that the servers don't start smoking.

Any Comments?

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