Modern Years vs. Golden Years

Dating | September 27, 2009

My teenage years vs. my parent's teenage years

There are some similarities and differences in the dating customs, respect for authority, and in the music lyrics of my teen years vs. my parent's teenage years.

My parents dating aspects were very strict. My father would ask a young lady out on a date, and he first would have to get her parent's approval. He wasn't allowed to kiss the young lady on their date nor have sex with her without marriage. And as for respect, my parents were taught to say yes mam, or yes sir, and not to call their parents by their first name.Their Golden Year parents weren't going for that. The music they listened to was clean cut music, no profanity or disrespect for the law.

In my day the boy would ask me out, he would have to meet my parents first, and if they thought the young man was worthy and respectful then they would let me go out with him. They also taught me, like in their day, no sex before marriage but, society played a big role in this discussion (sometimes I wish I hadn't done it until I got married). One thing is for sure I did get aquainted with the young man first. And as for our music it wasn't as bad as music today, especially rap.

Teenagers now are on a ramppage with sex and disrespect, because of what they see on television and the lyrics of music they listen to. Sometimes it makes me wonder what is this world coming to.


1. Anonymous on February 26, 2010

teenagers are on a rampage. immorals sins existed in their birth right. the older generations carried their sins in a different way.

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