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Sidewalk Chicken

Lifestyle & Culture | November 18, 2009

While the death of chivalry may be debatable, it appears that manners in general are about ready to kick the bucket – especially on the sidewalk. Drivers are at least told to use their road sense, but no ones asking that businessman or shopper to use their sidewalk sense. Granted, road sense saves lives, but sidewalk sense would at least save my leather boots from an unexpected dip in a puddle.

The same basic principles used to drive a car should be used when walking: stick to the right side; pass on the left; and try not to hit anyone. But apparently the lack of mortal danger keeps people from following any rules of the sidewalk. They walk where they want, run where they want, and stop where they want. I thought I was done playing the game of chicken when I finished elementary school but now it is part of my daily commute. The walk from work to the bus stop just wouldn’t be the pain that it always is if I didn’t have to stare down the person walking towards me only to wonder if I’m invisible as I jump out of their way at the last second.

From dodging people, bumping into shopping bags, and falling backwards as an umbrella whizzes past my face (the owner to busy running for the bus to notice), the sidewalk seems almost dangerous. But mostly it’s annoying. These day’s there are no hellos, no good evenings, and definitely no I’m sorrys, but please could you at least watch that your umbrella doesn’t hit me in the eye.

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