Dear Korea,

Dear Korea - I am tired of the charades.

Blogging | March 19, 2010

Hey K,

I have been a social hermit for a while now. Sorry. It is nothing personal, but with Alex gone and oma.....I'm just a little emotionally drained.

But drip by drip I have been filling up the tank again and a lot of that has to do with you.

You and the fact that you are completely crazy insane mental. Thanks for that. It has really helped.

Really. The child you sent me to say he wants to "very much sex Princess Jasmine"? Loved it.

Snow, then yellow dust, then blue sky, then snow, then blue sky? Gold.

Getting my building manager to walk into my apartment, find me coming out of the bathroom, scream and then flee my apartment? An absolute classic.

I assume the building manager was coming in to tell me the pest control man (not the same one you sent who was trying on my skirt that one time when I walked in - another one) was coming.

However I found out about him the hard way when he came in, saw I was in the shower, screamed and fled the apartment. Seriously - the man only saw my ankles. I may be no oil painting but a little ankle never hurt anybody.

But after those two incidents, I appreciate the stern talking to you gave my building manager, in the guise of a co-worker, to stop coming into my apartment - even if it is only to let the pest control man in.

Yet there is my beef.

After seven months, I should be able to tell the building manager to stay the hell out of my apartment. Korea - why haven't you downloaded into my brain yet?

Your language is hard. And illogical. But that is mostly because I just don't get languages.

You know that. It was part of the deal. I walk into your schools, pretend to know the finer points of the English language but mostly spend my time correcting Jew to zoo and chopping off the extra e sound your people put onto words like orange and sheet. (For the last time Korea, it is not orange-ee or sheet-ee. I don't even know where you got sheet-ee from but it has to stop.)

Strangely though, it seems I have to learn your language. Here I was thinking the language of love was universal, but apparently not. Because Korea, I get the feeling that you just don't understand me. Which is fine. I don't really understand you either.

I have become excellent at charades but you and I both know that it is time for that to stop. Mostly because I have a friend coming to see you who was in a relationship with you for about four months ten years ago and she has forgotten more Korean than I will ever know.

Also because I am sick and tired of not knowing what is in my food.

So you win Korea. We said we wouldn't change each other, but this is one battle I am too tired to fight any longer. I'm sucking it up and going to at least pretend to learn your language.

I said pretend because while there are many things you may force me to adapt to, procrastination is one thing you shall never beat out of me. But we shall see. I imagine if you send the building manager in one more time, that will probably force the issue between us.


Me xoxox


1. Blythe on March 20, 2010

Let's practice-ee Hunguk-ee together. x

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