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To my English teacher, Miss B (insert heart here)

Blogging | November 11, 2009

Miss B sat at her desk on a recent Wednesday morning and tapped away on her computer.

Suddenly, a student appeared at the classroom door.

Th student dashed to Miss B's desk and shoved a card and a box of chocolates into the teacher's surprised hand.

The student turned on her heel and raced back out the door.

Miss B called out, "oh Bella, thank you so much".

But the student was already gone.

Miss B unfolded the card.

In delicate, green writing, was the following message:


G'day! Miss B. You know, Bella.

How are you?

Glad you came to my school.

Honestly, the last English teacher was fat and old. Haha.

But (use of Whiteout detected) you are (more use of Whiteout) younger and very beautiful :-)

Besides everyone wanna be jod (translation unavailable) by reporter!

So you are perfect.

I wonder how you came to the Korea.

And in South Korea during the your planning.

Miss B. How long are you going (Whiteout detected) to stay the Korea?

I like you. You can always friendly to everyone.

I wish you'll be my school until (Whiteout) graduation.

I hope my English skills any better improve.

I still want you to stay cloes friend.

Watch out cold.

Miss B. Thank you and I luv you.

From your best student,



Miss B is unable to say with any certainty how long it may have taken Bella to pen the above note.

However, she would estimate the time taken to be anywhere from five to seven hours, with the possibility of several drafts.

Miss B was genuinely touched by Bella's efforts.

She plans to store the card with her passport, ticket, and her other most important Korean documents.

Any Comments?

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