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Blogging | August 6, 2009

Journalists are good for several things:

1. A whinge.

2. A laugh.

3. A pub crawl.

4. And, of course, an amusing headline.

So when I recently decided to start this blog (and needed a name for it), I sent an email around to the dozens of journalists who work in the same newsroom as me.

Some were away from their desks because they were currently involved in:

1. A whinge.

2. A laugh.

3. A pub crawl.

But those who were in the office responded with some highly amusing headlines. I have attached the email correspondence below. Enjoy.


From: Blythe Seinor

Sent: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 11:56 AM

To: Sunshine Coast Daily editorial staff

Subject: Name my blog

I am planning to write a blog in Seoul and I need a name for it. Anyone have a cracking good idea? I came up with ‘Blythe In The City’ last night, but my flatmates informed me that was pretty much the worse blog title they had ever heard. They offered ‘Blythe Style’ or alternatively ‘Blythe Styles of the Poor and Unknown’. But those titles suck too, in my opinion.

The person who can offer me a better title will win a choice of three prizes:

1. My undying admiration and gratitude.

2. A pen from Nikita’s desk.

3. Whatever I can pilfer from Nathanael’s prize cupboard the next time he goes to the tearoom.

Yours in blog,



From: Blythe Seinor

Sent: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 12:18 PM

To: Sunshine Coast Daily editorial staff

Subject: Re: Name my blog

On Nathanael’s most recent visit to the tearoom I managed to pilfer a preview DVD of “The Oprah Winfrey Show- Why Kirstie Alley Fell Off the Wagon”, to be screened on Friday August 10. This is now listed as prize number 3.

Responses so far:

1. Senior Moments or Blythe Spirit- from Mike “I’m a quick thinker not a deep thinker” Garry

2. Get a Blythe- from Peter Gardiner

3. Blythe and Amy’s Excellent Seoul Adventure- from Nikita “where’s my pen?” Lee

4. Seoul of Seinor- from Nikkii “I was not inspired by the prizes” Joyce

5. Seoul Sister- from Janine Hill

6. Seoul Long- from Michaela O’Neill

7. I’m a thieving wench- from Nathanael “don’t steal my stuff” Cooper

8. Love you long time- from Grant “is that inappropriate?” Edwards

9. The Musings of Anna Blythe (and other names I’ve been called)- from Nathanael “has anyone seen my Oprah preview DVD?” Cooper

10. Seoul Support- from Dan “I’ll take the pen” Imhoff

11. Solo Seoul or Babbling Blythe or Seoul Survivor- from Sharon Luck

12. My Brilliant Korea or Seoul Mates, or Flying Seoul-O, or Chick Korea- from Alan “now I need to let my brain cool down” Lander

13. Brythe’s Brog- from Travis “they can’t say L in Korea” Meyn

The winner will be announced in eight minutes.

Yours in blog,



From: Blythe Seinor

Sent: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 12:26 PM

To: Sunshine Coast Daily editorial staff

Subject: Re: Name my blog

Despite overwhelming support for Grant Edwards’ offering ‘Love you long time’ I have made the executive decision that the name might send the wrong message to the primary school children I will be teaching in Seoul. So instead, I will name my blog ‘My Brilliant Korea’, which was the brainchild of the brutally clever Alan Lander. Mr Lander please make your way to my desk to collect your prize (but since you already have my undying admiration, your choices are Nikita’s blue pen or the Oprah DVD). Grant Edwards will be awarded whichever prize Alan rejects.

Thank you to all for your contributions.

Blythe (writer of the blog, My Brilliant Korea)


From: Grant Edwards

Sent: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 12:29 PM

To: Sunshine Coast Daily editorial staff

Subject: FOR SALE

One Oprah Winfrey Show “Why Kirstie Alley Fell Off The Wagon” DVD. Or, will swap for ping pong ball.




1. bay on August 6, 2009

Brythe, that is high-larious. Nice one. I will be your most avid reader and commenter, that is a promise. Love you long time!

2. Melody the Best on August 7, 2009

Hi Blythe,

Excellent story, I liked the ending.

I cant wait to follow your travels on this lively web interface.



3. michaela on August 9, 2009

Yep - with all my free time in between baking muffins and tending to the vegie patch I am sure to be able to follow your Korea :)

4. Karen on August 10, 2009

I rather liked Grants submission to be honest - but your choice is very catchy while remaining pc

5. Blythe on August 10, 2009

Bay- Love you long time too! And I miss you long time. And you are so pretty, all the time.

Melody- Thank you for your comprehensive response to my article on this lively web interface.

Michaela- If you don't find time to follow this blog, I will understand. You're growing a human, after all.

Karen- You worked out how to use the internet? I'm so proud of you ;-) I was so delighted to hear from you tonight.

6. staffer on August 14, 2009

Y U should see u'r replacement..... She looks n sounds just like u. LOV U L O N G L O N G TIME. Onion..

7. Jessica Dixon on August 22, 2009

I love you Blythe. You are hilarious. I saw Gemma in London just a few weeks ago and she said you were thinking of moving to South Korea so I was surprised to hear you have taken action and are already over there. Good luck - you will have a blast I'm sure

Jess xx

PS Don't pull out any extreme facials on the kids for at least the first few weeks

8. Kate Corbs on August 22, 2009

Hey Blythie,

I love the blog name! I forgot how witty you were...

Love the first blog as well and I CAN'T BELIEVE that it is illegal to eat 2 minute noodles in ANY airport. How exactly did you work that out anyway? Did you have a little sachet of Maggi noodles heating up in a trangia or something?

And, I have to say you have CHANGED since I last saw you - the 'old' Blythe would never eat a BEEF burger!

Good luck in Korea and have fu-uuuun xx

9. Blythe on August 22, 2009

Jess- Are the rumours true? Are you and Ryu really moving to Japan? If so, a big night out in Tokyo is definitely in order... :-)

Katie- I forgot to tell you... I'm not a vegetarian anymore! Have been a raging carnivore for at least five years now. Mmmmm... beef. As for the two-minute noodles... very bizarre. They are sold all over the airport, but if you try to eat them, men with machine guns appear and take the noodles away. No noodles for you! Apparently they make too much mess.

10. Samala on August 22, 2009

heehee, loving that you're doing a blog Brythe. Cant wait to follow your witticisms and hilarious sit-coms as they inevitably unfold. Miss you, special friend! xxx

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