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Day 87 - Fading Spanish & a Little Bet to Spice Things Up

Central American Travel | August 25, 2009

My desk at Spanish School

After only leaving Antigua and Spanish School four days ago, I feel I am already starting to deteriorate. Part of the problem is that as Luke and I are always talking to each other in English, we don't often find the need to speak in Spanish, other than saying, "Quiero un cafe negro por favor," (I'll have a black coffee please). Or, "Tiene una capa por la lluvia?" (Which no-one could understand anyway - I was asking for a rain coat and I never did get one...)

So, starting today some bets will be laid. We are going to hold ourselves to only speaking Spanish to each other for certain periods of time, for example, from 4pm-7pm this evening. If we don't know a word, we have to look it up. If we can't figure out how to say something we have to keep trying until we do. If we can't figure out what the other person has said we can ask them to repeat it, and have to keep working until we know what on earth is going on.

And, just to keep things juicy, we're going to pay each other 1 Quetzale each time one of us lapses into English. We will keep a tally for the entire trip, and at the end, hopefully one of us will have to buy the other a present of some sort. (I know what my present will be - more jewellery please!)

This little game was actually my Spanish teacher, Juan Luis's, idea. I thought it was a cracker, and he said another couple that had tried the same tactic had excelled - hopefully we do the same!

I'll keep you updated on who's winning :)

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1. Andrea on August 26, 2009

I would like in on this bet too please. I bet that you can keep it up for 40 minutes and then never speak of it again. I would also like jewellery if I win :-)

2. Benson on August 31, 2009

Hola Bay!

Si quieres practicar, podemos escribirnos solamente en castellano (pero por lastima, no puedo hablar contigo).


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