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Travel | May 21, 2009

Should I be counting in days now? If so, then that would be 11 days, sir.

11 days, 11 sleeps, 11 morning coffees, 11 dinners and lunches, 11 bottles of wine (maybe more actually...!)

It's strange, that after so long in one place you would choose an arbitrary date, literally out of thin air, to pack up your life and leave. Of course, there was some logic involved (like attempting to undertake 8 months travel entirely in the summer months of the countries we're visiting) but there is also a fair amount of randomness and general gut feeling that lead to a decision like this.

I don't know if it's just me, or if everyone experiences the feeling I'm referring to. It's almost like ants crawling on your feet as you unsuspecingly enjoy a garden party in June. You suddenly feel a little twinge, a small annoyance, that makes you start thinking strange thoughts about life, and what exactly you are doing with it. Then the feeling grows a little stronger, as more ants realise the bounty that is your foot, and suddenly you're thinking about all the things you've wanted to do for so long that you've put off because of work or other commitments. By now there are about 10 ants per foot, and you are starting to sub-consciously wonder if looking down to see what's going on might be a good idea. You vaguely suggest to yourself, or to your significant other, that it could be interesting to try something different, that you miss home, that you want to fulfill those traveling dreams that have been lingering for so long. Then it really starts to itch and become irritating. You look down and see the playground the ants have made of your feet and realise that unless you do something soon you are going to get bitten. So that's it, you have no choice, you swipe. You make a huge, life-altering decision to pack your bags at a set date in the not-too-distant future and get out of there.

And then it's done.

It's strange how just saying something out loud can make it real. How telling someone a date that you're leaving the country suddenly makes all sorts of plans fall into place of their own volition. But, nothing seems entirely real until you start selling your possessions, packing your bags, and throwing things into the big wheelie bin of life (too corny?)

That's what I've been doing this weekend, and will continue to do through until at least next Tuesday. After that our shipment is being collected and we'll have hopefully sold most of our things. Now it's feeling real, as the pile of boxes mounts on the living room floor, and the shelves and mantle become bare. As we eat our way through the entire pantry, and clean our apartment to within an inch of its life to ensure the safe return of our security deposit.

11 days.


1. Mark on September 23, 2009

Cleaning out some old email and I came across your blog link. I decided to see how you are doing.

Sounds like you guys are having an adventure. Your writing style makes for an easy and interesting read except when you talk about shopping. I guess I share Luke's feeling about that whole thing

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