Just say no to drugs

all alone

Poetry | February 8, 2010

I find myself very alone/
with no friends,
because i say no to drugs /
and i don't follow trends,
i'm from a drug riddled city /
i've lived here all of my life/
and i don't want to move,
i used to smoke weed and drink alcohol/
just to get me into that mood,
that's when i had all of my friends by my side ,
but when i decided to get clean/
that's not what my friends would decide,
they'd rather experiment /
with more and more hardcore drugs /
then lied,
this is how they chose to "ride",
i don't regret getting clean,
but i do regret using drugs in the first place /
you know what i mean!,

i miss those friends who i used to hang out with,
i can't seem to find friends /
who don't use drugs /
do they even exist?,
i doubt this,
this seems to play a huge role in me being alone,
seeing how /
trends coincides with drugs/
you know what /
i like it better this way/
i'd rather them not ring my phone.

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