Which will be your fortunate Friday?

Politics, Community & Society | April 19, 2009

It is certainly no surprise to me that one of the most popular songs of recent years was "I've got Friday on my mind." No surprise at all, because it is the end of the blessed week, end of the working week. And surely that spells happiness. Telecommunications people tell us that the local call rate in the cities is at its peak between 4 and 5pm of a Friday; and they are nearly all personal.

Why, because Mandy, Marion and Michelle, along with Andy, Andrew and Augustine are ringing their friends, coworkers, working themselves into a later trying to find out- "What's on?" To hell with work, the boss or anything else, Friday nite is loomin and what do we have in store for the weekend? It is the Aussie way- always has been and lookout anyone who gets in their way as they charge out that door right on 5 o'clock.

Then it's... grab the mates, grab a beer, maybe latch onto a chick, have a great time and somehow find your way home. Women knew their place, the pub was rockin, the dancin girls high steppin, the cash registers ringing. All good fun, worries drowned in slops, no thoughts of to-morrow, just have a rip roarin time until they kick you out.

And Monday morning around the photocopier, at the bundy machine, while having coffee, the heart starter, regaling all who stop to listen what a great weekend you had and what you did, what you got up to and most important, not an ounce of trouble; well enter 2009 and all that is now just a fantasy. Just check with the city hospitals.

Any Comments?

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