Easter shares were Gold, Gold, Gold!

Politics, Community & Society | April 23, 2009

Why would I want to spend an Easter break at Broadbeach on the Queensland Gold Coast of Australia? It is not going to be sunny, it will be wet and dreary, crowds will flock there, restaurants will be packed and expensive and there will be an almost sleazy Las Vegas type atmosphere at night.

But you see I needed to be there, to be part of a Annual National Convention for Alcoholics Anonymous being held in the enormous Convention Centre. This is where I share my triumphs, hopes and wishes with some 1500 other happily recovered alkis. They are all beaming in anticipation as they were once the least, the lost, the unwanted, the unwashed, the unloved.

They will be coming from all areas across the continent as well as a small contingent flying in from overseas. Accommodation will vary in the utmost extremes ranging from backpacker hostels to five star hotels and apartments. Many will be required to share, but all, no matter where they lay their heads are wired up with the same disposition, the same desire, the same dreaded disease that will be given a reprieve solely by surrendering to win and attending these gatherings.

I am touched by the sharing, the empathy, the honesty, the love, the tears and tales of heartbreak. Everyone's recovery is different, many are at peace, others are still struggling, but the support is overflowing; the hugs, the kisses and assurances always close by. And it is not just us, but partners, families, those who have been affected as well, as this insidious disease impacts on so many. So it is great to see meetings that cater for those who suffer the consequences and now belong to Alanon and Alateen.

Here we are endeavouring to overcome, purely through our own efforts I might add, shunning any outside support or intervention, a huge problem for society. Those who went down the furthest are often those who have the determination to make it back up, but are very conscious of the fact it is still One Day at a Time. No business would have any chance of success operating along AA guidelines, but somehow the recipe has the right ingredients. It is simply amazing to me that 1500 one time drinkers who could not go half a day without a drink, can spend five days in a place like the Gold Coast, and of their own volition not pick up one drink. It must be working.

People from as far away as Perth, across the waters from Derbyshire, California, Auckland, all with one common goal, one purpose, and to leave there with a super boost to their batteries, and a litany of stories to take back home with them. And who would ever believe you could have a catalogue of sober years under the one inspiring roof, varying from 57 years thru to four days? Lots of sharing, hugs, kisses, tears, and no one will forget the laughter after Chris from Sydney, a victim of cerebral palsy, who said as he finally made it to the stage, " Is my time up yet ? "

The true gems found over this Easter were not metal, but the inspirational words flowing from truly grateful recovering alcoholics determined to make a better life for themselves and others, to form an unshakeable bond with one and all. And for them, penniless and homeless they may have once been, it will not be silver or bronze, but Gold, Gold, Gold!

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