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Blog by Melinda Di Lorenzo

Plaza de Contraproducente

A few words about counterproductive places.... This is a bustling place, this plaza. I see people there all the time. In general, they are quite ...

Powering Down

A power outage in the southwest and the people who were there.... My power went out yesterday. The first sign came from my garage door opener. It didn't open. That ...

On Being Pressed

What happens when you press people to bend to your will.... Pressed, as in "being pressed into service" the old British Navy term for someone who was serving on...

Happy Old Year

You can look forward to the new year if you like. I'm a big fan of the current offering, thank you.... There is something unsettling about the year changing depending on where you are on the globe. At so...

Go Ahead, Make my Day!

A simple blueprint that I feel works for people to really put some zip into their life, a spring int... What is it that has one person trudging through his or her day, and another bounding along optimisti...

A Very Konglish Christmas

The joy of Christmas Konglish, and a bizarre Korean fact.... I probably shouldn't have favourite students. But the fact is, I do. However, it's not an exclusive ...

The booking club

Could it be an honest mistake? Could he possibly have mistaken me, in this club packed with Koreans,... My wrist did not see it coming. One moment it was swinging happily by my side, the next it was locke...

Twitter + DiggBar = Digg Explosion!

DiggBar is a huge move by It will be massive. It may almost be too massive and destroy the... Agility in the web world is so important. If you are agile enough you can take advantage of the move...

6 by 6 (Blonde of the Dreds)

Season's don't fear the reaper.... So I'm doing the math. This pub is open from 3:30 to 9:30 on Sunday. 5:30 to 11:30 Tuesday through...

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