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Infinity Paradox

The paradox that is infintity is ever present through all of mathematics. It is generally ignored fo... Infinity is an abstract concept of unboundedness which can perhaps be paralleled by the realm of our...

Division by Zero

The old problem of division by zero appears pardoxical. That is, until the Theory of Everything put... The long battle against the division by zero may well be over now that ...

Theory of Everything - Wrap Up #1

The first wrap up on thoughts of the equation for Theory of Everything. The easy part was coming up ... Some of you may already know that I took a crack at the equation for the ...

Giving Way

An observation... What is the alchemy of spilling sunlight giving way to inky night shadows, or a slender fringed wing...


A simple clock creates horror and then mends... A gray morning peeped through the transparent curtains. “This is KLO, your oldies but goodies ...

How Many Universal Dimensions are There?

The Universe is multi-dimensional. There are 4 that are common to us, in the form of space-time, but... If you are wondering how many dimensions exist in our Universe it all depends on who you are listeni...

Zeno's Paradoxes

Zeno's paradoxes go some way to giving a theory of everything a run for its money.... When I was doing some research on the theory o...

Empiricism vs. Rationalism

Is seeing believing, or is believing seeing? Does love demonstrate a cycle of empiricism and rationa... What humans believe in can be attributed to two different sources, what enters our mind through the ...