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Sean MacKenzie

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Development Move from XP to Leopard

Moving from XP to Leopard is going to be a big change for any developer but in many ways it's good t... With the upgrade path to Vista avoided and the prospect of Win7 on the horizon, as a software develo...

Monty The Macaque

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The Love of Grace

When Elizabeths husband dies after an extended illness, she feels as if she's breaking in to pieces.... To Stinky: Only our spirit, not our lives. “On every page, you will know how much I love you. ...

Louis McCormack

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The Backcountry Take on Fear

The terrain was not the rough part.... I write about fear a lot. Partly because I have spent a good portion of my life not participating, n...

MacKenzie Kell

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Fictional Characters in Nonfictional Buildings

It's about time someone put an end to this.... It has recently come to my attention that fictional characters are inhabiting real buildings. I don...

Day 121: Part 1 - Robbed

Our first week in Mexico didn't quite turn out how we'd planned. But, is being robbed part of the qu... I'm pretty sure we hit rock bottom. My stomach made its way to my knees on that familiar journey tha...

The Equation for the Theory of Everything

The concept of infinity is far from new. It should not be forgotten in the hype of the Digital Age.... The equation for the Theory of Everything (ToE) must leave no stone unturned and no possibilities fo...

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