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This poem is about my life in general, how I saw myself before I found God.... Life arrives Blessed with fortune, Not knowing anyone watches Years pass by Anger fills a weak mind,...

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A life Changing

All I could do is say sorry... Gazing in the mirror looking into my eyes, i see somebody that i barely realized. My eyes were more ...

Princes of Validation

Get up in the morning and go to the Validation Salon. Beats working.... Given the years and years of accusations of misogyny, I thought it about time I take a stab at the a...

Running Lines Around My Head

Snipits from my first EVER travel journal, from 2009, and including short poetic musings from the de... With an honesty so sweet that tarnishes my teeth, your truth's ring out and set themselves like gela...

The Pale King

A few thoughts on how math and fiction relate.... The Pale King is David Foster Wallace's (DFW) unfinished novel. The fact that it was unfinished had ...

A Boy's Choice

A strange look inside this christian's mind (it's mainly symbolistic)... There was once a boy who had a life and traded it in for a knife,Not a knife that hurts the shell bu...

Funkmaster G Dawg

It's all so fictional...... Act 1 Head Low The funkmaster exits the aircraft at 14,000 feet, tail to the wind. He gets stable i...


Saturday, its the equinox, but this has nothing to do with that.... I heard from my brother that he was going to get a clear indication from my Mom this morning on just...

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