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How to Travel Europe

Planes, trains and automobiles: How to get around Europe on a budget.... Traveling Europe is a favourite pastime for young backpackers the world over. The glorious sites str...

Camping in Europe

How to organise your camping trip around Europe - it's the only way to travel!... There are many ways to travel Europe, from bus to train to plane, but one...

Exploring Graz, Austria

Graz - a lesser-known city in Austria that is well worth a visit.... Graz is a little-known town in the south-east of Austria. While it is infact the second-largest city...

Flash Packing - The New Backpacking

The competitive European hostel market is raising accommodation standards for a new breed of backpac... FORGET back packing, flash packing is the new way to see the world on a budget – and in style....

Day Tripping to the Aran Islands

The Aran Islands take visitors back in time with their windswept landscape and ancient stone forts.... Just 1.5 hours off the coast of Galway, Ireland is a collection of three islands that span the years...

Bruges - Belgium's Heart of Romance and History

Bruges, a city of romance and wonderful delights. A must see on any tour of Western Europe.... Sometimes referred to as "the Venice of the North", Bruges is a city th...


Annihilation happens.... No one gets upset when a positron and an electron come together and annihilate each other. It is wh...

Used Video Game Debacle

A small view on the used video game debacle. This blog focuses on the on going whining of game devel... David Jaffe is the God of War (game) designer and is very outspoken. It has been brought to my atten...

Oh so that's how it works

An old dog does learn a new trick.... So it turns out I can add photos here. I can feel my ignorance waning. Or not, depending. I mean ...

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