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30 Dating Tips for Online Dating

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when dating online, so here are 30 tips and tricks. Good l... 1. HAVE FUN However seriously you may take the subject of finding a match, remember what dating ...

Modern Years vs. Golden Years

A little reflection on the customs of older parents vs. today's parents.... My teenage years vs. my parent's teenage years There are some similarities and differences in the da...

Antica Trattoria

The emerging genre of fratire...avoid it if you have delicate sensibilities.... "I can't believe people live out here, where are we?" "East County, La Mesa maybe." she said as she ...

Sophomore Slump?

Choices on writing, love and where we take them.... My second book is ready to be shopped around to agents. I did this briefly with my first book, a mem...

Advisor that is terrified of Snakes

A story about a wise old man and his philosophy.... James Bailey is known for giving good solid advice. However, he is terrified of snakes. Let's say yo...

Things to do in Singapore - It's the Simple Things That Matter

Singapore is a city of great diversity and even greater food. From Raffles hotel to bubble tea stree... Singapore is a country of many cultures, religions and ethnicities. This is not only reflected in th...

Small Steps

Stumbling into self improvement.... Today is July 5th and at 2:30pm it is the one year anniversary of me pulling into San Diego from New...

Both Sides of the Issue

A few graphs about power, technology and autonomy.... The plan here is write about three interconnected forces. Power, technology and autonomy. I do wan...

I heart Seoul

It was the summer of lust, the summer of possibilities, the summer of over-heated feet in cowboy boo... I looked up from the book I was reading and peered at my friend Sarah, who was lounging on the bed o...

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