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Carl Spencer

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Camping in Europe

How to organise your camping trip around Europe - it's the only way to travel!... There are many ways to travel Europe, from bus to train to plane, but one...

Zulma Carlson

Profile of Zulma Carlson

Karma Savings Plan

Karma does credit your account now and then.... Part way through my romp around San Diego looking for a food seller that happened to be selling food...

Tyler Carignan

Profile of Tyler Carignan


Your best friend leaves without a trace Then a letter 20 years too late.... It’s our 20th Anniversary today. We have three wonderful boys now in full-blast manhood. Tw...

Daniel Carter

Profile of Daniel Carter

Rants and ravings from bad drivers to corporate dominance

Blame Charles Darwin for all our bad drivers. And blame the board game Monopoly for Woolworths' move... We all want to get ahead. And that’s fair enough, isn’t it? Whether by some Darwinian dr...

On with the snow

Record snowfalls, a picture worth getting out of bed for, and a bizarre Korean fact.... Inside, it was a pleasant 24 degrees. Wrapped in my floral doona, dressed in my floral pyjamas (don&...

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