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Carl Spencer

Profile of Carl Spencer

Camping in Europe

How to organise your camping trip around Europe - it's the only way to travel!... There are many ways to travel Europe, from bus to train to plane, but one...

Zulma Carlson

Profile of Zulma Carlson

Karma Savings Plan

Karma does credit your account now and then.... Part way through my romp around San Diego looking for a food seller that happened to be selling food...

Tyler Carignan

Profile of Tyler Carignan

Auditory Acuity

The word on the street...and in the pubs...etc.... One of the things I mention in my math class is that I’ve gotten older, the time between when ...

Daniel Carter

Profile of Daniel Carter

A Very Konglish Christmas

The joy of Christmas Konglish, and a bizarre Korean fact.... I probably shouldn't have favourite students. But the fact is, I do. However, it's not an exclusive ...

Scoping Out Trends for Spring 2009

A brief peak at fashion trends that are picking up speed for this spring.... Although spring feels like its ages away, we're literally less than two months from cherry blossoms ...

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