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Carl Spencer

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Karma Savings Plan

Karma does credit your account now and then.... Part way through my romp around San Diego looking for a food seller that happened to be selling food...

Zulma Carlson

Profile of Zulma Carlson

Camping in Europe

How to organise your camping trip around Europe - it's the only way to travel!... There are many ways to travel Europe, from bus to train to plane, but one...

Tyler Carignan

Profile of Tyler Carignan

one plus one

This description should entice the reader to want to find out more, but I think readers are on to me... Yes that equals 2. I just realized I was closing in on two years in my new house. It's another 5 o...

Daniel Carter

Profile of Daniel Carter


A woman's addiction to Spider's Solitaire turns her life a full circle.... Her eyes fluttered open and she squeezed them shut. Her heart started pumping as thoughts of Spider...

Brewer's Art

A week of dinners at one of baltimore's fine dining establishments.... I had no difficulty at all walking past this building twice. Details, deets, never my strong point....

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