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Scott Hart

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Heart & Sound

Blog by Julie Christine

Revenge of the Reliquary Arm

A documentary that misses one key point.... Having just seen the art collection inside the Cloisters in Manhattan, I was perfectly positioned to...

Deborah Martin

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I'm smart and pretty and gosh darn it, people LIKE me.

Blog by Melinda Di Lorenzo

A lesson in life-drawing

So what is a life-drawing class REALLY like? Rebecca Marshall discovers it's got nothing to do with ... IT’S not a breast, it’s an oval. It’s not a penis, it’s a cylinder. It&rsquo...

Dia Martin

Profile of Dia Martin

Oh so that's how it works

An old dog does learn a new trick.... So it turns out I can add photos here. I can feel my ignorance waning. Or not, depending. I mean ...

Benjamin Hart

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