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Been making some changes. The bits that will remain. I have three young children. One is not yet in school. Time is limited and sacred. Writing is not a luxury but rather a must although it gets pushed under the bed and tangled up in discarded steatshirts and out of season shoes. I hope to feel at home here. I Hope to expose some nerves and document what I am living. I am currently writing a bunch of what is called creative non fiction I think but I am processing it out and heading towards fiction. It will be a leap as my life has been at times stranger then fiction but I am letting go of the idea that fiction should be believable. I am letting go all together and looking towards where the unknown leads. Thanks for stopping by.

Latest Blog Posts

Boot Straps

Published: April 30, 2010

There are times when we have to inch back into our lives, times when shock so suspends us that we only breath. This is a practice to get my voice back and say a few shaky lines because I have to start somewhere.

The screamer

Published: February 18, 2010

If we pay attention there are pieces of ourselves represented in the people we encounter throughout our communities. This is a homage to the screamer and how she is my scream too.

Red Japanese Origami Dress

Published: February 14, 2010

A quick memory of the perfect Valentine's Day dress

Latest Short Stories

Free To Go

Published: September 23, 2010

An elevator ride to the immutable truth of where a couple stands.

low frequency broadcast

Published: February 6, 2010

A female sci-fi-shaman fiction piece. Hmmmm. unfamiliar turf with fiction writing. Not sure where it is going but there was a joy in writing it.

Deer Maggot

Published: January 25, 2010

A short story about leaving home, culture shock and wanting home although it may not be the better place.

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