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Blogging | June 17, 2010 little to say.

I've been writing this piece for the last four or five hours without any content. Just an ever changing array of titles. Dave Mathews 'Typical Situation' started the list. I was in a bar watching TV. That verbal title was accompanied by visual of the NBA finals that were going nowhere in a hurry.

5 or 6 other titles came and went as I updated this piece my head. And then abandoned it. Then gave it CPR.

On the upside, I'm over my most recent health issue. Fully recovered. That should be a good thing. But the way today has gone, I'm torn. On the one hand, I think June 17th is almost certainly the date I'll leave this life. The date is right, just not sure of the year. On the other hand, I'm thinking this is a day I could maybe cross the international dateline in the future and just go from the 16th to the 18th and achieve eternal life.

The day seemed to never get out of neutral. It was not a tragic day. Nothing really bad happened all day. There were a number of things that just never gelled. In fact that described most all of the day. It didn't seem to matter what happened, nothing gelled.

I was supposed to have dinner with my class. The venue was right next door to a place where I had a very good dinner with a prior class. No one showed. Eventually I figured that they had rescheduled the time or locale and since I left early to help with another class, I never got the word. I did get to see some of the Lakers Celtics game, but that was also stalled. It was game seven of the finals, but well, not much was happening. I had no idea how people could watch these finals year after year and appear to care.

I went home and then walked down to the bar I usually frequent. I ordered a very high alcohol beer, an old ale. It was a bit off. I was offered food, but wasn't in the mood. People around me were having fun, I Ithink, but fun seemed to avoid me. I went back home.

Not much happened here either. No emails. No one is playing their online games. I have a video, yay! But it is one that I haven't inserted.

Walking back from the pub, I realized how good it was that I didn't bother to buy a 9. I thought that I might need one a while back. My reasoning was that our president would get plunked by a sniper and then there would be rioting in the streets and I'd need something to protect hearth and home. But I opted out of that program. And the president has not been plunked. I don't have a 9 in my house that I can pull out and ponder just how i might use it on a day like this.

In truth, there are few days like this. Tomorrow will be so much better. And so much worse. It will, in no way, be like today. Which, if I were a believer, would cause me to re-title this work to something like-

Thank God.

Any Comments?

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