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Nice Door

Politics, Community & Society | October 29, 2011

The door.

I get a knock on my door. This is a rare event for both me and my door. Few people visit, those who do are more apt to use the bell than to rap on the door.

Approaching the door, I figure it is one of two things. Either a parcel delivery (unexpected) or someone soliciting.

It was the latter. Two fairly well dressed gentlemen introduce themselves.

"That is a really nice door you have there, that is way better than the door on my house!" exclaims the older of the two men.

He introduces himself as Dave and says "This strapping young man is Andy."

There is a pause where I try to figure out if they are door-to-door door salesmen and are now saddened that my door is so nice they can't sell me an upgraded door.

Dave is being cordial

"Hope we didn't catch you at a bad time..."

I was in the middle of playing a computer game, which I was doing while I was on break from doing yoga, which I was doing mostly to procrastinate on two bathrooms I had to clean. All things considered, I could honestly answer

"No, not a bad time."

Though the sight of me in yoga pants and a coffee stained shirt that sported a beer logo was probably not their target demographic, they proceeded gamely.

"I know everyone is busy these days, I'll be brief" Cordial Dave said.

He's right, I had the book edits to do today also. But I hadn't much else on the agenda, bike ride, hot tub, waves weren't looking good for surfing. I'd hear them out.

out come the brochures!

The brochure.

I'm ok with the brochure idea. Here two complete strangers stop by my humble abode, complete with an elegantly fenestrated entry, and want to drop off a brochure, apparently free of charge. This is way better than the first two guys that stopped by a few weeks after I moved in. Those two were parole officers looking for the prior residents. These guys were pussy cats.

Dave goes on, pointing to the brochure

"Can you imagine ever living in a place this nice in the future?"

I look and see a small child feeding fruit to a bear. Well, I admit to myself, that is a stretch. And growing up I never expected to live in a place with as a door as my current house. But all I say out loud is

"I'm not really very good at predicting the future."

Dave agrees and I remember that I wasn't actually playing a game when they knocked. I was interrupted from the game by some research I was doing on double moving averages in statistics and, um, how those averages could be used to predict the future. I didn't share that with Dave and Andy, thinking it probably wasn't going to add much to the proceedings.

Dave goes on "Do you mind if I read a passage from John, or I mean Revelations?"

No I didn't. And he wasn't that far off as the author of Revelations refers to himself as "John" a number of times in the text. I didn't mention that to Dave either. See above for the rationale.Dave went on with his passage.

I don't think it was the King James Version he was quoting from, didn't sound quite right. But here was the gist of it.

God has a plan for a paradise. People who ruin the planet, well, those people are going to be facing some bad news on judgement day.

So basically what Dave was saying was polluters are going to hell. Personally, I'm an avid recycler and pretty good about turning off lights and such. I hadn't given much thought to the afterlife, but now I'm thinking I might just do OK come judgement day. I'm waiting for the recruitment pitch for the "First Church of the Environment" or some idea when they gather together in an environmentally affirmative space.

But the pitch never comes. They hand me the brochure and move on. Leading me to think that they are on some sort of quota plan. They need to read one line of scripture to as many people as they can in a day. That actually fits the context. In that sense, I am the target demographic. An introvert with a few minutes to listen.

They left and I have to say that in the end I was fine with Dave and Andy. While I may not agree with thier ecological theology, they were acting on their beliefs in a nonviolent way.

I think that is about as good as it gets for our race.

So hey, I'll keep recycling and mebbe catch up with those guys in the hereafter.

Any Comments?

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