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Blogging | June 28, 2010

It has been one year since the birth of “Quirk and Circumstances” my blog on Flickspin. The goal, mission and hope was that it would force me to write at least one column a month no matter what. Notice that I didn’t say, well written, well thought out, informative or any such nonsense. Just written and posted on a monthly basis. It took years for my friend Tony to get me to do this, I am reluctant to share my writing as I am a nut who can’t spell and is hell on grammar. And those are my good points. But Tony is tenacious and at last I acquiesced, for this I am in debited to him. My guess is that debt will be worked off by testing recipes for his homemade Kim chi soup every time I see him. The soup has a proper Korean name but as I can not spell in English I will let that go…

As for “Quirk and Circumstances” some months I hit the goal of one piece and other months I managed to write more than one which is some kind of a miracle given my overall slacker attitude, social life and hummingbird attention span. Where was I?

The point in writing this blog was to try my best, to fling something original and true out into the dark abyss of the internet and see if it connects with anyone. It was also to give me a deadline to work to; though I have had other writing projects this year, the blog had the only hard deadline. My other writing projects included finishing the edits and rewrites on my first book and writing a second book which I am currently in the throes of rewrites on. I also may or may not have been party to some urban spoon/yelp reviews, ghost writing for psychics, and some bumper sticker creation and all the goodness that comes from that.

What I learned is I don’t have to want to write, have anything to say when I sit to write, be sober or in my sound mind to produce a piece of writing. Yea, yea that’s enough out of the peanut gallery out there… The point being you, or I in this instance, don’t have to have the stars aligned to be able to produce, you just have to show up and do it. Then do it again the next day, and the one after that. It’s just like driving at night, you can only see 30 feet in front of you but that’s all you need to get where you are going. Doesn’t matter if the whole way is losing 90lbs, writing a blog/book/birthday card, becoming a tri-athlete or working at becoming a better person, you just show up and try every day to do your best.

I would like to thank the readers; yes it’s true that is plural. I have been fortunate to get some very funny, very thoughtful comments on my blog. I have had friends who are shy send lovely notes with comments rather than put something on the net. Thank you one and all for those wonderful and encouraging words. It makes the frustration of sitting and staring at the blinking cursor and my subsequent cursing at the blank spot between my ears worth it to hear from you. There is nothing worse than to write something you don’t think stinks and send it off with love to the Flickspin gymnasium and have it stand at the wall by the bleachers all gussied up and never asked to dance.

For my fellow writers, the ones who have been supportive, competitive, an inspiration and even painful lessons, thank you for the fine wine, excellent dinners, laughter and the shared love of the word. You make me try harder, write better and think more. We are an odd lot, we see patterns where others don’t and by pulling those threads we sometimes can make sense of chaos. Unfortunately other times we just make more chaos, no wonder this is a solo effort, eh?

Then there are my trusty cohorts who show up ready for adventure, or misadventure whether that is tasting deep fried butter at the country fair, wrangling mother opossums, getting their toenails painted a bilious green on their first man-pedicure or screening the likes of “Romance and the Sex Life of a Date” at a date stand somewhere out in the wilds of Palm Desert. Being open to life, willing to laugh at yourself and standing up for me when I didn’t even know I needed someone to do that are gifts beyond measure and words, ok that and the ever ready bail money.

Writers know there are muses everywhere but my favorite lives in Denver. She is an artist, teacher, philosopher, writer/editor, Goddess, brilliant, careful thoughtful reader, side kick extraordinaire and champagne ho. There is no way I could write without her much less bother to draw a breath. It is simple as that. Whether it is a road trip, a day of art, an exorcism or 2 or 3 bottles of champagne the experience is exponentially better when she is there to share it with.

I will try harder to write more this next year, I will try harder to tell a better story and try to get into more interesting trouble to write about. Ok that was a lie right there, I don’t have to try a lick at that, hell I don’t have to leave the house. Thanks to Flickspin for providing a site that is well managed, easy to use and has a heart. In the end we know it’s all just quirk and circumstances…cheers all!


1. mcgyver on June 30, 2010

Our pleasure Kyra. It's been great to see you coming back to the site and putting your stuff out there. Good luck with the next year!

2. Shmecky on June 30, 2010

Congratulations, Kyra! Thanks for all the memories and for being a great friend.

3. pearhater on July 1, 2010

Thanks, and really you're the best!

4. Petunia FireCrotch on August 16, 2010

One of the many things I love about you.... that eastcoast wit! I'm so glad to have been introduced to your blog... and thanks for the inspir-invitation to just show up at the page without any thought or planning to it! I suppose that is when the true magic happens anyhow... when we are busily planning our approach! Or, for some of us... our sneak attack! Love ya Oceans!

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