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Forgotten Identity

Blogging | October 11, 2011

There's no way to know who I was. Even I don't know who I was.

My identity was taken, rather than forgotten, I suppose. They say I "lost" my memory in a severe car crash. I have learned that it was otherwise - and I am determined to find out why; and find out who I was.

My current memory extends to almost 5 years back, because it was then when I awoke with an empty mind.

Forgive me if at any time, I seem to be ignorant. I try not to be, but with only 5 years experience (and only 4 of them spent in the world), I am still learning. The people - or just you - may think I am mentally defective. I am not: I learn the same ways anyone does - I simply have a lot more to learn. I may seem "retarded" before people know me.

Many people will scoff and deride my life. Many will also say it is an impossible one, because who could live like this? There's no way something like this could happen! they say or think.

Who is to say? Certainly not them. I pray it will not be you, too.

My story is much more than just any story; it is my life and this is a prologue into my - autobiography, is it? Whether belief if on your side or not, I do not care. Words are words, and they cannot physically harm.

Some things you should know before I begin:

1: Controversy is a common thing in my life. If I say one thing and then say just the opposite, it is not because I am two-faced. It is because I can hold many things in different perspectives, all deriving from one word or phrase.

2: I may ask several questions, hoping someone knows the answer and has the patience to explain it to me. This is part of why I may seem dumb, for to others, the question could be as simple as the daylight.

3: Some of the time (I have been told); I regard things in 2nd or 3rd person. I am not schizophrenic.

You have been forewarned.

If these things bother you in the slightest, I would rather you stop reading this now, than go on thinking I am insane.

Eh. Perhaps I am insane. After what I have been and lived through, why should I not be?

You try being hunted for a day - better yet, a week. Try staying out of sight while travelling on foot through any and all terrain. Attempt to sleep in the trees or what you hope is an abandoned shack; scourage for food in the dead of winter; and always keep alert for wild animals or hunters. Some game hunters could think you are a wild animal: or it could be the people who you are running from in the first place.

Oh, and don't forget that you cannot trust anyone, not even the friendly, truck-driving farmer who happens to pass and offer a ride into town.

I bet you wouldn't survive.

Look for my next post. I will begin my story, if you really want to know.

Do you?

My memory may have been taken, but I still know who I am at present.

I am Number VII

Any Comments?

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