Absence of Evidence

Using Every Last Scrap

Information Technology | March 15, 2009

The native indians of America used all the parts of an animal that they slaughtered. The meat, the fat, the bones, everything! They didn't put anything to waste.

And neither do I. If my friends have spare functional computer parts, I take them. Why? Because someday, I can build a computer that will work.

The computer I built in mid-march is a P3 850Mhz computer with 40 GB of hard drive space, 1 GB of ram, onboard sound, onboard USB 1.1, a network card and a pretty good video card. I may also add a sound card and a USB 2.0 card. As I write this, the Kubuntu installation is updating and working well.

What do I intend to do with this computer? Fill my curiousity or fill my wallet. I got most of the parts for free, and the computer is in a working condition. That is enough reason to build a computer and keep it.

If the hardware parts are not working, don't give them to any random recycling company! You don't want to pick one which saids the stuff to Chinese or Indian land fills, now do you? No you don't!

You want your obsolete/dead electornics to go to Encorp! They melt the electronics and use the metals for other stuff. The stuff they melt is toxic so that's why you don't want them in landfills!

Any Comments?

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