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Used Video Game Debacle

Video Games | March 9, 2009

David Jaffe is the God of War (game) designer and is very outspoken. It has been brought to my attention (by the Gamepolitics site) that he made a video blog about the use-video game industry and how it is affecting video game developers and distributors.

Video game developers argue (read: whine) more and more that they would get more money out of consumers if the used-video game industry didn't exist while others argue otherwise while the used video game industry is a bystander in the whole debacle laughing its ass off.

David states that he has beef with the used video game industry; he leaves the consumer alone since he know from experience that consumers are always looking for the best deals around. He states that the consumer has no say about the direction of the video game industry.

Gamepolitics writer Dennis MacCauley states that the consumer is the main ballplayer in the equation. Although appreciative of David's efforts, the term arrogant is was applied to him. Oh really?

Video killed the radio star, DVD killed VHS, and Digital Distribution will kill the used video game industry. In this, the consumer has no say; although the consumer does have a say in decision making. In other words, do consumers want VHS or Betamax? Blu-ray of HD-DVD?

The consumer drives any industry in a certain direction or another; but they aren't a major ball player. Without one, the other cannot survive. As consumers we will always consume what is thrown at us. Most of us have the decency to pick the most logical route. Die In Pain, Rest IN Peace Betamax, HD-DVD and physical-CDs.

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