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Mission: Learn C#

Software Development | March 20, 2009

I've always wanted to learn C#, C++ , or Java. I never really got the motivation to get started. I've taken some courses in Java, but they weren't much use for one simple reason; they were too little, and too far apart. I took one in summer 2006 (called Computing Insights) and another in fall 2007 (at UBC). Both were interesting, but they didn't give me a very good and lasting base to set me on my feet.

So anyways, I've been frequenting the Pure Pwnage User Forums, and I stumbled apon a thread describing my situation: "I need a very well put C# tutorial. Can anyone help me?" Speaking of the Devil. This is exactly what I needed.

The suggested tutorials are awesome; they are on GameDev.net is a great place to start programming and making a game.

If you want free software to get yourself started with C# or C++, the Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions are available for free to developers. XNA is also a good program to get started with learning to build video games.

I better get acrackin' or else I'm going to fall behind! XD

Any Comments?

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