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Benefits of being a Student

College / University | March 16, 2009

In French, there exists two words with similar meanings but used in different contexts. Eleve and Etudiant are those two words. Eleve is used for elementary school and high school students. Etudiant is used for post-secondary students.

The same is true for Romanian with the words Elev and Student; many Latin languages have similar words and meanings appended to them. When I began university, my grandpa called from Romania, being excited, and told me in Romanian: "Congratulations! You are now a student! How do you feel?" I was confused because this languistic kink doesn't exist in English. I only found out later, from my mom, that is what a respectable to be an Etudiant.

Respect and reputation is probably the first benefit of being a post-secondary student. Having extended schooling represents that you are commited to learning and improving yourself.

That's very good for my ego and self-esteem and all, but I usually look for other benefits. The smaller but significant benefits to students are what makes me want to be a student; learning something useful is just not enough.

For starters, students save on transit fares and get benefits and discount from other companies. For example, Empire Theatres once had a deal for students which consisted of 1 movie ticket, 1 regular popcorn and 1 regular soda pop for $10. BCIT (the school I'm attending) has wireless internet on campus; I get download speed of 2 MB/sec. This is good for people like me who like to download large amounts of data.

Getting discounts on something practical, like computers and software, is one of the major perks. Apple also gives discounts to students (10% from what i hear). Many major post-secondary institues, such as BCIT and UBC, are members of the MSDN Academic Alliance to benefit students enrolled in IT programs. This means that we get free Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista Business. Other programs included are Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Visio. However, Microsoft Office is not included.

Taking courses is also a very social event. Many courses are now more social since there's more group work involved. There are few major ways to meet people. There's work, there's social events, and then there's schooling. Many married people I know met in school. Depending on your view, this may be a blessing or a deadly curse.

It is not without a sense of irony that I am writing this blog. When I got out of high school, I was so fed up with schooling that I dreaded going to university straight outta high school. Now that I've sat around the house, doing nothing but staring aimlessly at my screen pondering what to click, I decided to take up part-time schooling and volunteering to get my ass out of my house.

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